Classroom Spy Professional


Install the Monitoring Console (Administrator)

Install in the Local Network

Install in the Cloud (Monitoring over the Internet)

Install on Terminal Services (RDP) Server - Thin Clients

Install on ChromeOS (Chromebook)

Using the Monitoring Console



Quick start

Classroom Spy allows you to see what everyone is doing - without leaving your desk. Monitor the activity of all students in the classroom. Plus, you can share your screen with their computers, making demonstrations and presentations much easier.

First, you need to install the monitoring software on the computers that you want to monitor.
When installing the software, you need to choose a password that will be used later in the console to add the computer.
Please ensure that the designated port (TCP 5444) is open on all firewalls.

After agents are installed, please install the console on your computer from where you want to monitor or manage the other computers.

Once the console is installed, you must add each computer using the password you set during the software installation.

Once these steps are completed, you can start using the application.


What are the major benefits of using this student monitoring software?

Main Features: