Classroom Monitoring FAQ

What should I do if I can't see student monitor screens?

The problem is usually caused by firewall or antivirus software. Windows automatically installs and enables firewall. Make sure that port TCP 5444 is open on student PCs firewall.

You can try to temporary disable a firewall on student PC to see if this solves the connectivity problem.

You can read more about enabling ports on Windows Firewall here:

Note that you may have more firewalls installed. Some antivirus software automatically install the firewall. In this case you have to open port on all firewalls.

If you are still facing problems try to use IP instead of hostname when adding student PC to the console.

Why blocking web pages on a classroom PC is not working?

On Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 you need to install update from this web page:

Update has to be installed on all PCs where agent is installed and is necessarily to successfully block web pages on various web browsers.

Where recorded MPG4 files are stored?

MPG4 files are located on student PC in \dr subfolder where agent is installed.

My Antivirus or Antispyware detected your software as dangerous.

When our software become more popular, a lot of antispyware and antivirus programs started to recognize it as dangerous.

Our software does not open any secret doors or anything similar - it just allows you to monitor other PCs and this is enough for antivirus and antispyware software production companies to flag it as dangerous.

The only way to avoid this is to put our software on exclusion list.

How to use our classroom monitoring software over the Internet?

Setup is highly dependent on your network configuration.

If your student PCs have global IP then you can just open used TCP port 5444 on all firewalls and start using the monitoring software.

If your student PCs are behind the router, then you will need to configure router also (port forwarding, virtual server NAT,... - depends on your network architecture).

Agent acts as TCP server. You need to create a new virtual server on your router. Every user needs separate virtual server on different port. All those ports have to be forwarded to different local IP and to port 5444.

When this is done you have to add student PCs to the console. Here you use your global IP or hostname for all PCs, but you use different port that is equal to your forwarded port.

If you don't have a static IP you can use some free dynamic DNS service like

where you will receive a domain e.g.

that can be used instead of IP.

A software from will automatically update a DNS when your IP is changed.

The other more simple solution is to use VPN.

Using VPN will solve all problems regarding NAT and dynamic/local IP addresses, since your network will look like a local network even when used over the internet. With Windows XP Professional and newer VPN server is already included.

What indicates the Lock Sign (Not authenticated) status?

The "Not authenticated" status (a lock sign) indicates that the password entered during agent installation is not the same as password used when adding the student PC in the console.

We suggest that you choose Properties in the console (for specific student PC - click right mouse button) and enter the password again.

You can also check the agent's passwords by opening agent configuration utility using your password.

If you forgot your agent's password, please uninstall agent using our installation package and install it again.

Sometimes problem appear because of console's configuration file corruption. In such case you will have to delete the following folder (and add PCs again):

{folder where software is installed}\users

or (on Windows Vista / Windows 7):

C:\ProgramData\Classroom Spy Pro\users

Is software license permanent or it expires?

Software license is permanent. It never expires. You don't need to renew the license. It is not a subscription.

Can I order this software using Purchase Order (PO)?

Yes, we accept Purchase Orders. Please send us a message where you mention the number of licenses you want to purchase, and we will send you detailed information on how to send a PO.

Where is the online manual?

You can access the online manual here: